Monday, January 30, 2012

Garden Fever

We all get garden fever form time to time which is where we cannot wait to get out and gardening and yes it is like cabin fever in the winter. I find myself falling victim to it too here in Alabama we have had a mild winter so I want to plant now, but  I know we will get hit by spell of cold air a couple of times between now and spring.

            Now you may not be able to plant but there is something’s you can do to get ready and will help you be organize and ready to get started. I call it my three P’s to getting ready for spring gardening they are plan, prepare, and pick. No matter what type of garden you have container, raised beds, a regular garden spot or flower beds there are things you can do in winter to be ready for spring.

            First plan, which includes planning what type of garden you want, what type of plants you want to grow, and how you want to lay your garden out. I myself believe this step helps keep me organize one thing I do every year is draw a diagram of my garden so come next year I will not plant my crops in the same spot as the year before ( crop rotation).

            Second as a boy scout says be prepared. Preparing can include learning how to improve your technique, getting your containers, garden spot ready or even building your raised beds for your spring garden. Preparing your soil is important too you can compost in the winter, which will help replace what your garden took from the soil the year before.         

            Finally picking what you want to plant. This can include picking what seed company to use, or where you plan to buy your plants from come spring.

Remember have fun and enjoy gardening it is fun and a great way to relive stress, eat healthier and save money.

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